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If you manage a Google AdWords account, and are using broad match or broad match modifier keywords, then there is the possibility that extra words can be included in your search queries.

Use this FREE complete negative keyword list to block out all unwanted keywords.


– Increased CTR
– Better Ad Relevance
– Increased Quality Scores


Nothing, it’s FREE! 


– 19 Categories
– Over 800 Keywords
– 1 Easy To Use CSV File


  • Animals
  • Countries
  • Digital
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Hobbies
  • Jobs
  • Legal
  • Navigation
  • Negative
  • News
  • Periods
  • Questions
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • World Cities
  • Years


*You should study these keywords to determine if any of them should NOT be used in your negative keyword list. You most likely will end up removing some of them; especially countries.



  1. Read the brief description and example for each category below.
  2. For organization purposes, you should create a separate Shared Negative Keyword List for each of these categories in your AdWords account, and copy/paste the negative keywords to your list.
  3. Study each word carefully and determine if it’s something your campaign does not want to show for.
  4. Keep an eye on your campaign performance, as there could be a word you missed that’s preventing your ads from showing.



You may be wondering why you should use animal keywords in your negative list. Animals are used in many product names. There are also many services for humans that are the same for animals.

Positive Example: feather beds
Negative Example: dog feather beds


There are many products and services that people might look to other countries for. It’s always a good idea to block out any countries you do not offer you services to, or if brick-and-mortar – places you do not have locations.

Positive Example: web designers
Negative Example: india web designers


This category contains several digital mediums like file names and types. Most businesses do not want to show up for people looking for .jpg files or logos.

Positive Example: designer shoes
Negative Example: designer shoe photos


This is one of the highest searched categories on Google. People search for information; to be more specific, “free” information. If you aren’t in the business to pay for free education, there are lots of words you should use in this list to boost your CTR.

Positive Example: local dentists
Negative Example: local dentist classes


Are your product and service names ever used in songs or movies? With millions of songs and movies out there, the chances are almost 100% probable. These keywords will remove any entertainment sources from your queries.

Positive Example: chocolate candy
Negative Example: chocolate candy lyrics


Are there versions of your target keywords used in hobbies or games? Separating play-time from reality can make sure you’re showing up to the right audience.

Positive Example: classic cars
Negative Example: classic toy cars


Another highly searched topic on Google is that from people searching for work. Unless your goal is to pay to find new employees, be sure to block out anyone who is looking for jobs in your industry. This list can greatly increase your ads relevance and CTR.

Positive Example: pizza delivery
Negative Example: pizza delivery jobs


In almost every industry, there are legalities involved. Block out the people searching for legal information, laws, and lawyers – unless they are your target audience.

Positive Example: local recycling
Negative Example: local recycling laws


Could your business name, products, or services possibly be the names of streets? Or perhaps you want people to find your goods online, and not in person? This list can help block out navigational queries.

Positive Example: lumber yard
Negative Example: lumber yard street


Another information category. Unless you’re in the business to produce news and blog articles, you’ll want to make sure you are blocking people who are just looking for information and aren’t ready to buy yet.

Positive Example: lasik eye surgery
Negative Example: lasik eye surgery news


These are words that you may not want to associate your brand with. People don’t always search for the best things online, but want to see what the opposites are. Take caution, there are some profanity words in here.

Positive Example: auto repair
Negative Example: worst auto repair


One of the hidden jewels in negative keyword application are the who, what, why, when, and how keywords. Searches with these words in them mean that the user is still in the learning phase of the sales funnel, or they may want to handle your services on their own.

Positive Example: home contractors
Negative Example: what are home contractors


Whether you are in retail or not, you’ll want to study this list. Words like “cheap” or “discount” may not be something you want to associate with your goods or brand.

Positive Example: gold watches
Negative Example: free gold watches


In today’s world of high-tech, there are lots of automated solutions that can replace your services. Even if you offer technology solutions, they may not be compatible on all devices. You’ll want to check this list to make sure you block anything you aren’t compatible with.

Positive Example: business accounting
Negative Example: business accounting software


If your products have been around for a while, then there is most likely a vintage version of what you offer. Many people look for the “retro” or “throw back” versions of things online, in search of the good-ol-days.

Positive Example: lamp store
Negative Example: antique lamp store


This list contains the top 83 cities in the world based on population size. It’s always a good idea to block out any states you do not offer you services to, or if brick-and-mortar – places you do not have locations.

Positive Example: massage parlors
Negative Example: massage parlors in shanghai


Make sure if your products or services might be researched for past versions, that you block those from any search queries.

Positive Example: board games
Negative Example: 1950’s board games