1. Blogging is by far the best way to build a large targeted professional network

2. Blogging has a targeted reach from one person to a million people, depending on the quality of it.

3. If done correct can deliver regular business leads, you just need to write high quality blogs and know how to market your blog.

4. You can build a community around your blog.

5. Blogging inspires people to email you, to say how your work helped them. This is far more rewarding than most people imagine.

6. Blogging makes you far more of an informed reader, as you understand the work and creativity that people put into their written work.

7. It also encourages you to keep learning, so you have something useful to share.

8. Blogging allows you to build a business asset, which grows in value with every passing week/month.

9. Your blog increases your professional profile, as new people discover you and your work every day.

10. Blogging is a fantastic way to connect with your marketplace. By making it easy for readers to contact you, you open a valuable channel of communication.

11. Blogging teaches you to look at things from a different perspective

12. Blogging encourages you to regularly do research, increasing your own knowledge base.

13. Blogging provides a showcase for your knowledge/product. This is enormously valuable.

14. Blogging can get you recognised in the media, for winning blog awards.

15. Blogging gives you a voice. If you have something important to say, people will hear you. This is especially the case if you stick with blogging, for long enough to build a large readership.

16. Blogging also encourages you to question your own opinions, to ensure they stand up to scrutiny and are worthy of your readers.

17. Blogging causes you to have to regularly dig down deep, really deep, to find something worth sharing. That sounds like hard work, but just as lifting weights builds your physical muscles, digging down deep builds your mental muscles.

18. Blogging has been the most powerful professional development tool I have ever used or researched.

19. Blogging can be more fun and rewarding then some social media channels

20.Blogging ensures you remain constantly curious.