Spam in Google Analytics (GA) is becoming a serious issue.

It can be a huge annoyance, but dealing with it doesn’t have to be!

I now just use the advanced segment to view my data without the spam sources. Since discovering there is no character limit to segments (unlike filters) I now just use a segment and it does the job fine for every account I have come across. It’s up to you how granular you wish to be, but I often think the process of removing spam is made more complicated than it has to be.

Step 1:

To remove spam just click the button below and a new segment will be added to your google analytics

Add Segment Now

Step 2: Add A Custom Segment

If you would rather filter data in a none destructive way, or if you still have sources showing in your tables after using filters… you can use a custom segment.

Step 2:

Now we want to activate our segment. Click add segment at the top of the page, then all segments, and click on A++ Spam Filter Version 2.2.